Certifying Trainings in NLP Heuristic Mapping, Coaching mBraining and Vision Boards for coaches in the making, certified coaches and trainers.

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Icone Schémas heuristiques, Didactia Formation

Heuristic Maps and collages

3 or 4 day training on the use of Heuristic Maps and collages in coaching to accelerate and consolidate the desired change in your clients.

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Icone parcours enseignant PNL

Coaching mBraining

4-day certification training, mBIT Coaching promotes change by aligning the resources and wisdom inherent in each of your customers’ intelligences.

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Icone Mind mapping, Didactia formation

Vision Boards

One day workshop on the creation of a Vision Board with the aim of clarifying your vision of the future and focusing your attention in order to achieve it.

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Often under stress, we breathe very shallowly without taking the time to flush toxins out of our lungs.

Immediately discover 3 breathing techniques to use for you and your clients, as an introduction to a coaching session.

If you have come this far, it is probably because you are looking for new ideas and new ways of doing things in your practice – notably that of NLP – which are consistent with your values and your life mission.

At Didactia Training, we support coaches and professionals in the helping relationship in a spirit of generativity and coevolution. Love and energy are at the heart of our trainings.

Didactia Training is a training school accredited and / or certified by the following organizations:

International Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainers’ Association
Association representing naturopaths and other therapists
International NLP Coaches Society
Neuro-Linguistic Programming University
Teachings in meditation, yoga, Ayurveda, created by Deepak Chopra and adapted to our modern world.

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What students say

Picture of Picture of Christine Carignan, testimony for Didactia NLP Heuristic maps training

Christine Carignan, Ottawa (Ontario) Canada

I had the privilege of attending the Mind-mapping and Heuristic Maps training given by Monique. An extraordinary and generous woman in her role as trainer. The Heuristic Maps have changed the way I coach. This technique makes my life easier for note taking and for echo; at the same time, it improves rapport. My clients are amazed at the results and they leave with an anchor that they can revisit, revise as much as they want. The heuristic patterns are powerful and bring lightness to the coach while strengthening the responsibility of the coachee. Combined with NLP and or hypnosis, the schemes have the effect of strengthening the coaching experience. I absolutely start over with all the coaches. Thank you Monique! You are an extraordinary model. A source of inspiration!

NLP Heuristic Maps training

Anne-Hélène C. Québec, (Québec) Canada

Monique, it’s that owl look that sees everywhere
It’s that melodious voice that softens everything
This is the path that takes shape through the exchange
It is these fingers that draw while I change.

Monique, it’s this nest that allows you to recreate yourself
This is the key that we want to find
It’s the hand that invites and the heart that waits
It’s the inspiration in the magic of the moment.
Coaching session

Amanda Calderon, Montréal (Québec) Canada

I noticed that rapport is amplified thanks to the heuristic maps. It is easier to observe the client’s non-verbal and much simpler to make an objective framework. Besides, the goal is taking shape before our eyes. With regard to the client, his ideas are clarified more quickly. It is concrete and more dynamic! We are less likely to repeat.

NLP Heuristic maps training


After a career spanning over 35 years in education, I made the decision to create
Didactia Training in 2010, that I run as an NLP Professional Coach and certified
Master Trainer, an mBIT Master Coach and Trainer, and a Meditation Instructor.

Passionate about learning, neurosciences and the wonderful complexity of human body, mind and spirit, I have traveled the world to study the teachings of big names in NLP, wellness and quantum physics such as
Robert Dilts, Judith Delozier, Grant Soosalu & Marvin Oka, Amit Goswami, Deepak Chopra

As a lifelong learner, my research and findings led me to develop an effective
approach to coaching, based on the use of NLP Heuristic Maps, which it is now
time to make known internationally, thanks to the support of my great team of

Welcome to Didactia Training!

The Didactia Team

Meet passionate trainers whose quality of being gives life to the values of our school: respect in all its forms, human ecology, innovation, sharing and co-creation.


Monique Demers 


Annick Chantal


Julie Roy


Laura Eynard

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Didactia Training

Owned and directed by Monique Demers, certified NLP Coach and Master Trainer with 45 years’ experience in education, DIDACTIA Training is an International School for Coaches and Trainers in NLP, coaching mBraining, Heuristic Mapping, and much more.

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