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A complementary tool and approach to keep traces and have your clients participate and consolidate their inner transformation during and after coaching sessions.


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The result of almost 10 years research…

NLP Heuristic Mapping iis the result of almost ten years of research, experimentation and training.  It is a change accelerator that promotes the autonomy of clients and enables them to consolidate within themselves the result of their coaching sessions.

This tool has been created by Monique Demers, M.Ed., International NLP Coach and Master Trainer, mBIT Master Coach and Trainer, Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor, and founder of Didactia Training.

Passionate about neuroscience and supported by her over 45 years’ experience in education, Monique Demers has developed this tool she calls NLP Heuristic Maps to enable clients to collaborate in keeping traces of their coaching sessions. A tool that will therefore allow clients to become even more involved in their coaching sessions in order to keep track of them so that they can consolidate their long term-effects. 


Using this approach with people from all over the world, Monique was astonished to find out that there are universal similarities in the way people draw their own heuristic maps or world view! You can find out for yourself by visiting our photo gallery of Heuristic Maps.

Icon of Change accelerator

A Change Accelerator

Clients can easily review the outcome of their coaching and move forward towards their desired goal.

Icon of aproved by robert dilts

Aproved by Robert Dilts

After introducing NLP Heuristic Maps at NLPU (Santa Cruz) in 2014, Monique went back to NLPU, in 2016, to consolidate this project and obtain the approval of Robert Dilts.

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A Certificate Training

Monique and her team of trainers offer certifying trainings of three and four days on this topic all around the world.

Spoken words fly away, written words remain!


Using this approach in a coaching context

Brings internal images outward

Sensations, feelings, blurred pictures, metaphors…
Reinforces the VAKOG and promotes the synchronisation between the two brain hemispheres.


Reveals the metaprogrammes, limiting beliefs, recurring behaviors, perception of self, aspects of their life the clients tend to focus on, etc.


Makes it easier to maintain rapport

Respect the world view and reuse the words of the clients without projecting our own and even keep visible traces of reframing. 


Enables us to be more present with the clients

And accompany them to explore their inner map trying not to forget things because everything is there, in front of our eyes.


Enhances the possibility to make links and establish a dialogue with the unconscious mind.

Proper questions will bring clients to find answers, gain insights and literally trace connections on their maps.  At the same time, we now know that the same connections are being traced on a neurobiological level!


Stimulates eye movements...

When the client can see at a distance what is going on in his mind, it creates a dissociation from limiting beliefs, thoughts or emotions: when these have been addressed, it becomes easier to orient the client towards solutions.  


Brings clients to be aware...

of their mental processes, their decision-making mechanisms, the field of possibilities and options available to them, etc.


Makes the client’s goal concrete.

The map can be looked at many times, shown, worked on, shared… 


Memory is strengthened...

When looking at the Heuristic Map regularly, memory is strengthened, the desired state reactivated and sometimes the clients find new ways to perceive the messages that it conceals.


Enables clients to be more responsible

Of the outcome of their coaching sessions.


Empowers our clients and promotes their autonomy!

This tool is a real change accelerator.




Heuristic Maps


What Heuristic Maps Students say

Picture of Picture of Christine Carignan,

I had the privilege of attending the Mind-Mapping and Heuristic Maps Training given by Monique. An extraordinary and generous woman in her role as trainer. The Heuristic Maps have changed the way I coach. This technique makes my life easier for note taking and for echo; at the same time, it improves rapport. My clients are amazed at the results and they leave with an anchor that they can revisit, revise as much as they want. The Heuristic Maps are powerful and bring lightness to the coach while strengthening the responsibility of the coachee. Combined with NLP and or hypnosis, the Heuristic Maps have the effect of strengthening the coaching experience. I absolutely recommend this training to all the coaches. Thank you, Monique!  You are an extraordinary model. A source of inspiration!


Christine Carignan,

Ottawa (Ontario) Canada

I noticed that rapport is amplified thanks to this technique using Heuristic Mapping. It is easier to observe the client’s non-verbal and much simpler for goal setting. Besides, the goal is taking shape before our eyes. With regard to the client, his ideas are clarified more quickly.  It is concrete and more dynamic! We are less likely to repeat.

Amanda Calderon,
Montréal (Québec) Canada

As part of the NLP training on Heuristic Maps, I, who thought I was sold to digital, I took pleasure again in getting my fingers dirty, especially when I discovered the relevance of this new tool.


Lyvaï F.
Québec, (Québec), Canada

The Heuristic Maps immediately concretize the goal of the client. By writing it, we quickly see many possible solutions. It is also easier to observe the movements of our client’s body. This approach not only promotes dialogue between the two cerebral hemispheres but also between the conscious and the unconscious mind.


Zineb El Alami et Ludivine Tasté
Montréal (Québec) Canada

Another way to confirm that a picture is worth a thousand words!





Is it possible that the effects of an outstanding coaching done by an NLP internationally recognized trainer during a demo did not last?

The answer is «YES»!

The client told me he had forgotten…

At first, I was destabilized after hearing that, but I rapidly said to myself: «Being a learning and memory specialist, I can certainly do something about that! At least, try! »

I then embarked into a Hero’s Journey looking through all the references I had collected over 35 years of teaching at different levels, including university, starting with Mind Mapping and other references on learning and memory.

After exploiting Mind Mapping, I searched for new strategies so my clients could keep traces of the processes of transformation and the insights that occurred during their coaching: something they could look at, as often as needed, to get back the inner state they were in when they left my office. I reread many authors and discovered new ones. At a certain moment, Korzybski’s third General Semantics’ predicate grabs my attention: « a map is self-reflexive… an ideal map would include a map of the map »…

Yes! That’s it!

Leaving more space to the clients in drawing their maps enables them to reveal their inner territory and gives them ground for their self-reflexiveness. After a few months of work, NLP Heuristic Mapping was born!


Discovery of a missing link


Birth of NLP Heuristic Maps

Picture of 2 person working on a NLP Heuristic map

From Mind Mapping to Heuristic Mapping

2012 to 2014

Trainings of NLP Heuristic Maps are increasing

The work goes on!

The owner of an International NLP school, Nicolas Beffort from Coaching Québec (Canada), finds out about my work and invites me to teach what I had discovered, in different countries. I went on refining my work and finding new ways to have the clients collaborate in the creation of their own map.

August 2014

Introducing Heuristic Maps at NLPU

Picture of Monique Demers & Robert Dilts
Picture of an NLP student group in Santa Cruz

At NLPU, In Santa Cruz

At NLPU (Neuro-Linguistic Programming University), in Santa Cruz, I first introduced my project on Heuristic Mapping at the end of the NLP Master Trainer Program and got the encouragement of Robert Dilts to pursue my work.
He confirmed that it was the client’s responsibility to remember the outcome of a coaching session. I didn’t need more to go on with my research on Heuristic Maps.

2012 to 2014

What do Heuristic Maps look like?

The two following pictures will give you an example of the transformation that can be observed from present state to desired state during a coaching.

Draw of a client during a NLP' heuristip map coaching

This first picture represents the inner state of a gentleman, Khalid, who had unexpectedly lost his job because the company he was working for closed. He was studying to become an NLP coach to reinvest his long-time knowledge in accompanying others. Just by looking at this picture, I, as a coach, can easily recall, in a few seconds, all aspects of that part of the coaching session.

2nd draw of a client during a NLP' heuristip map coaching

This second picture illustrates the transformation that took place within Khalid during the coaching. Since he could bring this Heuristic Map with him, and look at it as often as he needed, the inner state he was in while drawing it could be reactivated as often as needed. What is amusing is that, a year or so later, when he launched his website, Khalid sent me a link so I could look at it. What was not my surprise when, on the welcome page, I saw the picture of an alley lined with beautiful tall trees!

August 2016

Back to NLPU

Picture of NLPU Team with Robert Dilts, in Santa Cruz
Picture of Monique Demers introducing NLP Heuristic map

Wondering about the name…

At NLPU, in Santa Cruz, I enrolled in the Independent Studies Program, presented the state of my research to Robert Dilts, Judith Delozier, NLPU students and accompanied five future NLP teachers in developing their project with Heuristic Maps.

Again, Robert Dilts supported me and recognized that Heuristic Maps were a way to promote self-reflexiveness and memory.

Suddenly, at that time, I doubted if the expression Heuristic Mapping was well chosen… Many people don’t know the meaning of the word heuristic. That is why, for my presentation at NLPU, that year, I used the title Mind Mapping and NLP… Soon after, though, I went back to Heuristic Mapping not to lose the discovery aspect that it contains and that is so characteristic of the underlying process.
And then… after mastering the vocabulary of NLP, my colleagues are certainly able to say Heuristic Maps and learn how to use them in their coaching practice!

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